Without compromising

With éla Natural Beauty I want to share my love for natural hair care and styling with you. All products are packed with passion, expertise and of course the most important thing: performance. This is where I don't want to make any compromises.

But naturalness is also an important component for me. Therefore, my philosophy in the development of each product was: highest possible performance - as natural as possible. A large number of products are certified according to COSMOS Standard by IONC for natural cosmetics and formulas are vegan according to The Vegan Society. For a few products, however, we have deliberately decided against certification to improve performance.

Details about the certifications of the individual products can be found on the detailed product pages.

Brand values

Beauty starts with responsibility

What is beautiful, everyone can decide for themselves. Though, feeling good and taking responsibility for your own body makes you glow from the inside out. For me, that's a well-balanced diet, exercise and also an understanding of the products and ingredients I'm getting in contact with.

Whether you already use natural hair care or you are completely new to the world of natural cosmetics - for smooth, shiny or perfectly styled hair, you no longer have to compromise.

All éla Natural Beauty formulas are dermatologically tested and contain natural as well as organic ingredients, as you can see on the individual product pages. In addition, all packaging is recyclable.


Our shared passion

From shampoo to hair oil, from hair serum to volumizing powder - for the past 1.5 years we have been developing the entire range for you and fine-tuning the perfect formulas.

"We" are my mom and me. I developed this passion project together with her. With éla from Pamela and Manuela we wanted to symbolize our bond and shared passion for shiny hair.